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Legacy Medical Services

Legacy Medical Services provides a different way to experience primary care in Wisconsin.  We offer an innovative care model with multiple, convenient access options delivering high quality, evidence-based care.  We are committed to relationship-centered care  provided by your trusted local care team.

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Why Legacy Medical Services

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Legacy serves individuals, families and local employers, providing comprehensive outpatient primary care services for all ages.  We provide transparent, up-front pricing for all our services in a direct pay format.   We have deep discounts on labs, medications, imaging and procedures.  Check out all the services we offer right in our office for one straightforward monthly fee or our transparent fee-for-service format.

About Us

Founder and Medical Director, Dr. Eric Miller brings over 25 years of experience & passion for family medicine.  His experience as a trusted physician and medical and community leader brings stability and expertise to the local healthcare landscape.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Commonly Asked Questions - please reach out to us for additional questions or clarifications.

Anyone – individuals, families & companies.  All ages are eligible to sign up for our medical services, however, per government regulations, those individuals with Medicare or Medicaid as their primary insurance are not eligible.  We have no preferential relationship with any insurance carrier or health system.  Legacy Medical Services does not discriminate with regard to race, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, socioeconomic class, political affiliation or any other protected class.  Our Core Value is to treat all individuals with equal dignity.

Legacy primarily operates outside of traditional health insurance by contracting directly with individuals or employers for services.  However, we can order outside lab tests, imaging, or refer to specialists within any insurance plan.  Furthermore, we do offer individual services that can be paid for with your HSA funds.

By contracting directly, we are able to avoid all the roadblocks and inefficiencies associated with insurance billing.  This allows us to commit to a smaller number of patients and spend all our time dedicated to your personal healthcare.  Furthermore, we can offer unprecedented availability and time to our patients with a whole array of convenient access options for a surprisingly good value.

While a membership may provide the typical person with 80-90% of their healthcare needs, we do encourage all patients to have some form of health insurance.  We suggest looking for a more affordable, high deductible option that will provide coverage in case you experience the rare, but high cost health events such as surgeries, hospitalizations or prolonged specialty care.  See the Insurance Options button above for more information.

If you do require specialty referral, outside tests or hospital care, our care team will assist in coordinating all outside care.   We take seriously our role as trusted advocates, helping you navigate the complex and often confusing system of healthcare.

Our patient portal allows seamless communication with your care team.  You may send secure emails & text messages as well as review your personal healthcare records online anytime.  Furthermore, you have the opportunity to schedule video telemedicine visits through the portal and are granted exclusive access to connect directly to your provider by phone 24/7.

Legacy believes in up-front, transparent pricing.  You have the option of a monthly membership fee that covers all office visits and most basic testing, or a defined fee-for-service menu.  We believe that primary care is the most cost effective healthcare available and investing in it typically returns dividends on multiple levels. Your engagement with Legacy Medical Services helps you access some of the best value in healthcare and opens up substantial discounts for extended healthcare services. Please see our link above for a comprehensive list of services as well as pricing link below.

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