About Us

Legacy Medical Services is a family-owned business with lifetime roots in SE Wisconsin

Founder and Medical Director, Dr. Eric Miller, has over 25 years of clinical experience in Family Medicine.  He is a Wisconsin native having grown up, completed his education, and developed his medical practice all in SE Wisconsin.  He boasts over 6 generations of family legacy in Wisconsin with over 150 close relatives still in the area.  Dr. Miller has been a consistent medical and community leader in Dodge County since he settled here in 1996.  He and his wife have raised their six children in this community and have put down deep roots to make this their home.  He has extensive leadership experience locally as Associate Clinical Professor at the University of Wisconsin, Hospital Chief of Staff, and having chaired several non-profit boards.  In recent years he has gained extensive experience leading an national DPC provider seeking to transform primary care across America.  Since 2020, he has leveraged his passion and experience to bring this innovative model to his local community.  This model has gained quick traction, allowing Legacy to expand to three clinics and a staff of five.  Legacy is been fortunate to assemble an experienced and dedicated care team; sharing similar hometown values and passion for relationship-centered patient care as they work together to transform the local healthcare environment.

Eric D Miller, MD


Core Values

Restore Dignity

Every patient, every partner & every teammate has intrinsic value and we will strive to treat each with the respect and compassion they deserve

Retain Purpose

We will keep our mission and our “why” as the driving force behind our attitudes and our decisions

Prioritize Relationships

We will focus on our relationships with our patients, partners and teammates & strive to cultivate these

Live with Integrity

We purpose to do the right thing, consistently, even when no one is watching

Cultivate Trust

We are granted trust by our patients and our partners and we will make every effort to guard it & grow it

Pursue Excellence

With humility, we commit to working tirelessly to be the best caregivers, partners and teammates possible

Strive for Innovation

We are relentless in our pursuit of creating better, more meaningful ways to provide care, to live and to work