"As a CFO for a medium size employer, we were experiencing unsustainable cost increases in our healthcare benefits year after year. Once we implemented direct primary care for our employees, it has shown significant and sustained reductions in spend per employee. More importantly, our employees report improvement in both their health and their satisfaction with the benefits program. Quite simply, it has become one of the best things we have going for our business."

Your Problem

Healthcare Benefits are Unsustainably Expensive

  • High Tech Care
  • Unnecessary Care
  • Administrative Burden
  • Poor Preventive Care

The Current Healthcare System is Unsatisfactory

  • Poor Access
  • Fragmented Care
  • Lost Relationships
  • Poor Outcomes

Our Solution - Direct Primary Care

Better Outcomes

  • Focus on Prevention & Wellness
  • Proven Industry-leading Metrics
  •  High Patient Engagement
  • Behavioral Health Integration

Better Experience

  • Proven Industry-leading Patient Satisfaction
  • 24/7 Access to Your Doctor, No Waiting
  • Text, Video, & Online Communication
  • 30-90 min with your Doctor every visit

Better Value

  • Simple, transparent & predictable cost
  • Significant downstream savings
  • Less employee down time
  • Recruitment & Retention Advantage

Case Study

Strada Healthcare – 1 year study of claims and biometric data at Nebraska Plumbing Co.


 Total Claims PEPM
ER visits / 1000 employees
Admits / 1000 employees
Systolic BP before / after
Blood Glucose before / after
Triglycerides before / after

Employees w/o DPC

+ 8mm Hg
– 4 points
+ 5 points

Employees w/ DPC

– 7 mm Hg
– 15 points
-47 points

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