Are you looking for a better experience in your healthcare?

We think a visit to your Primary Care Doctor should be:

  • Pleasant: no wait appointments that start on time and leave you feeling cared for and empowered
  • Relational: through consistency over time, we get to know you as an individual and develop mutual trust
  • Convenient: connect with your doctor when and how you want – face to face, text, email or video
  • Competent: board-certified with decades of experience; using the latest evidence to deliver exceptional outcomes
  • Thorough: we address all your issues at each visit and make sure you leave with a care plan you understand
  • Valuable: pay a simple monthly fee for all clinic care with no out-of-pocket costs and discounts on meds, labs & xrays
  • Helpful: if specialty care is needed, we serve as your advocates to help you navigate the complex healthcare maze
  • Transparent:  we work for you, not a system – if there are ever extra costs, we’ll tell you exactly how much up front 

Do you think you should pay less out of pocket costs?

We think co-pays and deductibles shouldn't stand in between you and your primary care doctor!

Case Study: A typical year in the life of Joe

Value Comparison for  Joe’s out-of-pocket costs in traditional insurance* vs DPC 

Health Event

Annual Physical (preventive)

* Also addressed a suspicious mole with biopsy procedure

Pathology charge

*Also addressed heartburn

ER visit – acute back pain

MRI of  lumbar spine in ER

Urgent visit – bronchitis

Biannual Office visit for management of BP & Cholesterol

Labs (BMP, A1C, Lipids, Rapid Strep)


Total Bill** w/ Traditional Insurance








$372          ($186 x 2)



Out-of-Pocket Cost w/ Traditional

$0 (preventive)





$692 ^ (after meeting deductible)

$50 (co-pay)^

$100  ($50 copay x 2) ^                                                

$54 (20% co-insurance)^


Out-of-Pocket w/ DPC Membership



$224 (discounted)



$600 (discounted)





Assumptions:   *HDHP with $3,000 deductible/$5,000 max out-of-pocket with typical copays & co-insurance

** Typical regional costs for outpatient medical care

^ after meeting deductible, co-pays and co-insurance apply until max out-of-pocket is reached

Even if Joe paid his entire membership out of pocket ($1068), with no assistance from his employer, he'd still come out >$1300 ahead!

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