Employers: 3 Reasons You Should Consider DPC

    • DPC lets you invest your healthcare dollars in the most cost-effective way (primary care & prevention).
    • Immediate ROI – many employers have been able to restructure their healthcare benefits to offer a  better option for much less than they are currently paying.  
    • Long-term ROI – Getting your employees to engage in their own health can have astronomical benefits to your future healthcare costs.
    • DPC practices have patient satisfaction scores that are more than double the industry average.
    • Implementing DPC has become a significant competitive advantage for employers in recruiting and retaining top talent.
    • Patients in DPC practices love the convenient access (no-wait office visits, text and video visits, in-office labs and medications) with no out of pocket costs!
    • DPC practices have shown industry leading health outcomes for preventive screenings and disease outcome measures.
    • DPC practices excel at creating a personal relationship between the doctor and patient which leads to much higher patient engagement.
    • 70% of patients say their health improved after engaging with their DPC doctor.

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