Employers: 3 Reasons You Should Consider DPC


  1. You can’t afford to keep pouring more $ into employees healthcare. 
    • DPC lets you invest your healthcare dollars in the most cost-effective way (primary care & prevention).
    • Immediate ROI – many employers have been able to restructure their healthcare benefits to offer a  better option for much less than they are currently paying.  
    • Long-term ROI – Getting your employees to engage in their own health can have astronomical benefits to your future healthcare costs. 
  2. You are tired of hearing employees grumble about the hassles and poor service they get from the healthcare system. 
    • DPC practices have patient satisfaction scores that are more than double the industry average.
    • Implementing DPC has become a significant competitive advantage for employers in recruiting and retaining top talent.
    • Patients in DPC practices love the convenient access (no-wait office visits, text and video visits, in-office labs and medications) with no out of pocket costs!
  3. You care about your employees health and want to offer benefits that truly make a difference in their health.
    • DPC practices have shown industry leading health outcomes for preventive screenings and disease outcome measures.
    • DPC practices excel at creating a personal relationship between the doctor and patient which leads to much higher patient engagement.
    • 70% of patients say their health improved after engaging with their DPC doctor.

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