Our Mission

Legacy Medical Services exists to restore the dignity, the purpose, and the personal connection to the primary care relationship

Legacy Medical Services was founded in January 2020.    It is part of a grass roots movement in direct primary care services that is sweeping the nation, driven by primary care doctors who want to recapture to purpose and value of the doctor-patient relationship.  Our Mission and Core Values provide the driving force behind why Legacy was founded and influences how we serve at every level.

Core Values

Restore Dignity

Every patient, every partner & every teammate has intrinsic value and we will strive to treat each with the respect and compassion they deserve

Retain Purpose

We will keep our mission and our “why” as the driving force behind our attitudes and our decisions

Prioritize Relationships

We will focus on our relationships with our patients, partners and teammates & strive to cultivate these

Live with Integrity

We purpose to do the right thing, consistently, even when no one is watching

Cultivate Trust

We are granted trust by our patients and our partners and we will make every effort to guard it & grow it

Pursue Excellence

With humility, we commit to working tirelessly to be the best caregivers, partners and teammates possible

Strive for Innovation

We are relentless in our pursuit of creating better, more meaningful ways to provide care, to live and to work