Philosophy of Care

Relationship Centered.  Healthy Whole.  Partnering in Prevention.
We believe that every human has intrinsic, created value, purpose & dignity.   Our goal is to honor this as we help each person on their path to discovering their own unique value and purpose.  We desire to serve as trusted partners & advocates on your journey to optimal health.  See more about our philosophy of care by clicking each point below.

Medicine is a calling and we strive to restore that sacred relationship between the caregiver and the patient. We understand that only when there is a mutual trust can there be transparency and accountability that makes for an effective doctor-patient relationship. We strive to inject the element of personal relationship, trust and compassion into every encounter. This can take time, but we are committed to be here consistently for our patients and desire to earn that trust gradually by unhurried interactions and consistent, kind, competent care.


We understand our personhood to be triune, made up of body, mind and spirit which exist in interdependence. We strive to help individuals understand the balance and interplay of these as they seek whole-person health and wellness. While we practice scientifically grounded, evidence-based medicine, we also understand that much of one’s purpose and quality of life cannot be determined by a lab test. We challenge patients to look at their whole life experience and see how factors beyond the physical may influence their experience of health or illness.

We believe strongly in the value of preventive medicine. Much of the illness in the human experience can be avoided or lessened with timely education & intervention. We are committed to partnering with every patient to advise them of their options so that they can make informed health choices along the way. While we will advocate for what we believe to be the best evidence-based choices, we always respect individual autonomy. We encourage every individual to take ownership of their health and actively participate in shaping their desired health future.